Custom Shutters Collection

    For Every Room & Every Window
    The specialists at At Home Designs will guide you through the choices of materials; from hardwood to hybrid and faux wood materials, there is an application for every room, including bathrooms or areas with high moisture. 
    Innovative Operation
    Similar to a feature found in high-end cabinet doors and drawers, the SoftClose system allows louvers to close gently and automatically after reaching a predetermined angle. This proprietary design eliminates the need to sweep your hand up or down the louvers to achieve complete closure, providing you with ease of use and functionality.
    Find the Perfect Finish
    There are many stain options to coordinate with your décor. On Heritance Hardwood Shutters, you can even chose your own color. 
    Quality that Lasts
    Hunter Douglas has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality over decades of innovation in the custom shutter collection.
    Baltic seashore - unprocessed
    Baltic seashore - unprocessed