Sheers & Shadings

Silhouette® Window Shadings direct light through s-shaped vanes that are suspended between two sheer fabrics. Tilting the treatment closed or open will direct the light where needed while also providing privacy. Learn more about Silhouette Window Shadings. Learn more
Pirouette®  Window Shadings offer a sophisticated, contemporary look featuring a variety of beautiful fabric options.  Soft, adjustable fabric vanes are attached to a single sheer backing. Learn more about Pirouette® . Learn more
Luminette® Privacy Sheers offer the best of both worlds, combining the feel of drapery with the light diffusing benefit of sheers. The fabric vanes rotate 180 degrees, providing ideal light control. Learn more about  Luminette®. Learn more

Roman Shades

Vignette®  Roman Shades
A modernized Roman shade with enhanced design features.
  • Modern operating systems
  • No exposed rear cords
  • 25+ fabric/color choices
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Solera® Roman Shades
The soft folds of a Roman shade paired with an energy-efficient cellular design.
  • Energy efficient
  • Cordless
  • 65+ fabric/color choices
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Design Studio® Roman Shades
Exclusive designs and inspired fabrics in soft, stacked folds.
  • Different fold styles and opacities available
  • Designs by leading textile artists
  • 200+ fabric/color choices
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